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It is all about minimally invasive treatment for salivary gland diseases and both me and my team will do everything to help you.

Kostas Karavidas

Welcome to my website and thank you in advance for taking time to browse through it.
I look forward meeting the ones who decide to contact me in person but I am also happy to respond to any enquiry over emails or on the phone.

Sialendoscopy is a relatively new procedure that utitises tiny endoscopes to visualise the ducts of the major salivary glands and provide diagnosis and treatment.

It is my philosophy that technology and surgical skills should be combined in the best possible way to achieve better outcomes for the patients.

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About KK

Kostas obtained both his medical and dental degrees in Greece and gained his higher surgical skills at Guy’s Hospital Salivary Gland Unit, pioneers in minimally invasive treatment in obstructive diseases of salivary glands and at the Head and Neck Unit at UCH as a Fellow in Surgical Oncology.


Is a relatively new procedure that allows endoscopic transluminal visualisation of major salivary glands and offers a mechanism for diagnosing and treating both inflammatory and obstructive pathology related to the ductal system.